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chrono::ChForce Class Reference

#include <ChForce.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Copy (ChForce *source)
ChBodyGetBody ()
void SetBody (ChBody *newRB)
void SetMode (int m_mode)
int GetMode ()
void SetAlign (int m_align)
int GetAlign ()
void SetFrame (int m_frame)
int GetFrame ()
Vector GetVpoint ()
Vector GetVrelpoint ()
void SetVpoint (Vector mypoint)
void SetVrelpoint (Vector myrelpoint)
Vector GetDir ()
Vector GetRelDir ()
void SetDir (Vector newf)
void SetRelDir (Vector newf)
void SetMforce (double newf)
double GetMforce ()
void SetModulation (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetModulation ()
void SetMove_x (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetMove_x ()
void SetMove_y (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetMove_y ()
void SetMove_z (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetMove_z ()
void SetF_x (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetF_x ()
void SetF_y (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetF_y ()
void SetF_z (ChFunction *m_funct)
ChFunctionGetF_z ()
Vector GetForce ()
Vector GetRelForce ()
double GetForceMod ()
ChMatrixGetQf ()
void GetBodyForceTorque (Vector *body_force, Vector *body_torque)
void UpdateTime (double mytime)
void UpdateState ()
void Update (double mytime)
void UpdateExternalGeometry ()
void StreamOUT (ChStreamOutAscii &mstream)
void StreamIN (ChStreamInBinary &mstream)
void StreamOUT (ChStreamOutBinary &mstream)

Detailed Description

Forces are objects which must be attached to rigid bodies in order to apply torque or force to such body. ChForce objects are able to represent either forces and torques, depending on a flag.

Member Function Documentation

void chrono::ChForce::GetBodyForceTorque ( Vector body_force,
Vector body_torque 

Gets force-torque applied to rigid body, as force vector (in absol.coords) and torque vector (in body coords).

void chrono::ChForce::SetAlign ( int  m_align)

Sets the alignment method: FDIR_BODY or FDIR_WORLD. (the force will rotate together with this reference.

void chrono::ChForce::SetFrame ( int  m_frame)

Sets the alignment method: FPOS_BODY or FPOS_WORLD. (the force application point will follow this reference)

void chrono::ChForce::StreamIN ( ChStreamInBinary mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow deserializing a persistent binary archive (ex: a file) into transient data.

Reimplemented from chrono::ChObj.

void chrono::ChForce::StreamOUT ( ChStreamOutAscii mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow serialization of transient data in ascii, as a readable item, for example "chrono::GetLog() << myobject;"

Reimplemented from chrono::ChObj.

void chrono::ChForce::StreamOUT ( ChStreamOutBinary mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow serializing transient data into a persistent binary archive (ex: a file).

Reimplemented from chrono::ChObj.

void chrono::ChForce::UpdateExternalGeometry ( )

Tells to the associated external object ChExternalObject() ,if any, that its 3D shape must be updated in order to syncronize to ChForce coordinates