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chrono::ChFunction_Mirror Class Reference

#include <ChFunction_Mirror.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Copy (ChFunction_Mirror *source)
ChFunctionnew_Duplicate ()
void Set_mirror_axis (double m_axis)
double Get_mirror_axis ()
void Set_fa (ChFunction *m_fa)
ChFunctionGet_fa ()
double Get_y (double x)
void Extimate_x_range (double &xmin, double &xmax)
int Get_Type ()
int MakeOptVariableTree (ChList< chjs_propdata > *mtree)
StreamOUT (ChStreamOutAscii &mstream)
void StreamIN (ChStreamInBinary &mstream)
void StreamOUT (ChStreamOutBinary &mstream)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description


Mirrors a function about a vertical axis.

Member Function Documentation

void chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::Extimate_x_range ( double &  xmin,
double &  xmax 
) [virtual]

These functions can be used to implement automatic zooming on the most representative range of function (if GUI is implemented)

Reimplemented from chrono::ChFunction.

int chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::Get_Type ( ) [virtual]

Each class inherited from the ChFunction class must return an unique integer identifier with the virtual function Get_type(). This is useful for fast run-time downcasting etc.

Reimplemented from chrono::ChFunction.

double chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::Get_y ( double  x) [virtual]

Returns the y value of the function, at position x. (For this base class, it will be a constant value y=C).

Implements chrono::ChFunction.

void chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::StreamIN ( ChStreamInBinary mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow deserializing a persistent binary archive (ex: a file) into transient data.

Reimplemented from chrono::ChFunction.

void chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::StreamOUT ( ChStreamOutAscii mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow serialization of transient data in ascii, as a readable item, for example "chrono::GetLog() << myobject;"

Reimplemented from chrono::ChFunction.

void chrono::ChFunction_Mirror::StreamOUT ( ChStreamOutBinary mstream) [virtual]

Method to allow serializing transient data into a persistent binary archive (ex: a file).

Reimplemented from chrono::ChFunction.