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chrono::collision::ChModelBulletNode Class Reference

#include <ChCModelBulletNode.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetNode (ChIndexedNodes *mpa, unsigned int id)
ChIndexedNodesGetNodes ()
unsigned int GetNodeId ()
bool SetSphereRadius (double coll_radius, double out_envelope)
virtual void SyncPosition ()
virtual ChPhysicsItemGetPhysicsItem ()

Detailed Description

Class for the collision model to be used in ChIndexedNodes shapes, that are collections of point-like items (each with 3 DOFs). Uses features of the Bullet library.

Member Function Documentation

bool chrono::collision::ChModelBulletNode::SetSphereRadius ( double  coll_radius,
double  out_envelope 

If the collision shape is a sphere, resize it and return true (if no sphere is found in this collision shape, return false). It can also change the outward envelope; the inward margin is automatically the radius of the sphere.

void chrono::collision::ChModelBulletNode::SyncPosition ( ) [virtual]

Sets the position and orientation of the collision model as the current position of the corresponding node

Implements chrono::collision::ChCollisionModel.